Soothing Tired Legs Treatment, 20 Min

For those who love a foot massage, have tired feet or just want to feel amazingly revitalized. A refreshing mineral soak in our whirlpool footbath followed by a foot & leg massage to increase circulation, a tension relief gel & moisturizer.


Escape Massage, 30 Min

A relaxing scalp massage followed by Swedish techniques w/ a focus on neck, shoulders & upper back, where many carry stress & tension. provides maximum benefits in a limited time.


Swedish massage, 60 min

Traditional Swedish techniques to relieve muscle tension, increase circulation & induce a state of total relaxation.


Deep Tissue Massage, 60 Min

A personalized deep tissue massage that helps to release muscle tension & relax specific body areas through improved blood circulation.


Hot Stone Massage, 60 Min

Stone therapy goes beyond the physical experience of most massages. You are able to enter deeper dimensions of relaxation & well-being. Heated basalt river stones are placed on specific points to gently warm & soothe. This rhythmic massage thoroughly dissolves tension & calms the spirit.